This is why you're totally unique.

And It will change everything.


Its much like you don't remember your dreams; but saying (or hearing) a simple phrase before bed will help unlock them; so it is with one's belief of inability to recall oneself.  Attitude may not be everything; but it is a lot! Remember in the movie, The Matrix, when there's a choice between a Red Pill and a Blue Pill. This is an analogy for Easy Lies vs. Difficult Truths.  This is comparable to learning to like a style of music, food, or concept you won't fully least not the very, very first time you experience it.  


Have you fully appreciated most worthwhile things in your life just like that, in a bubble?  Probably not.


The point is that you can train yourself to recall more and more of who you are (and if it may be appropriate to your beliefs, to recall also a greater or divine or universal Consciousness.  If you're patient with yourself.   And patient with Consciousness).


And learning as much as you can about consciousness is what is going to help you accomplish that. 


Interested?  We've been helping people train themselves to improve and reach potentials a number of years now.  Its never extremely simple. But a good movie or work of art is usually not entirely simple either.


Decision, Commitment and Recall are three related concepts that you have to want to master - so that they work together for you - since one does require the other. Else one is like the actor on a stage who's forgotten one's lines.  Or the prop house that misplaced a prop that needs to be delivered for a show tonight. Knowing the commitment to a task takes all kinds of things you'd not expect. Discipline sounds fairly easy.  Did you expect that discipline could require courage?


Uncertain decisions are Tough.  Certain decisions Touch.


Imbalance and Fear... Or Balance and Trust. How will you perpetuate your choices?


I know you have The Balance within.


But whose side are you on anyway?


 Contact me to learn more.


-Ken Fields.


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